Meet our ambassadors – Leanne Bugg

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Leanne Bugg isn’t afraid to have a go.

“It’s about perseverance. People tell you things aren’t going to work. I just keep going and it will happen.”

“It’s the same thing for the kids in remote communities or from different backgrounds. I tell them to never give up.”

Leanne was appointed as an Australia Post One Netball Ambassador in 2015. Her aim is to help young people build their confidence and challenge themselves.

“I view netball as a tool in challenging young people to challenge themselves.

“My daughter plays. A lot of what she does is building her confidence and netball has been such a strong influence on her.

“I can see first-hand what netball has done for my daughter. I tell other young girls that they can do the same.”

Leanne is also an avid teacher and loves extending her passion in to One Netball.

“It becomes all- consuming. It’s something that I want to do.

“I have a teaching background. I’ve been to many remote communities and seen kids with these amazing talents. I really think they have a lot to gain from netball.”

Her highlight from her time as a One Netball Ambassador was when she had the opportunity to visit a remote island off the Northern Territory.

“We went there and the kids just kept going – it didn’t matter how hot it was. A huge storm came rolling in and the kids were so desperate to keep playing.

“It was just one of those examples on how well received netball is and how enthusiastic the kids are.”

One of Leanne’s favorite moments in netball is seeing young people give it a shot.

“In selections, you get such a huge cross section of people that turn up, whether they are Indigenous or Muslim, and seeing those young people want to play regardless.

“They always want to have a go.”