Meet our ambassadors – Casey Batchelor

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Casey is a proud Tasmanian. She has lived in Tasmania her whole life, playing netball at a state level and for the Kingston Blues Netball Club.

She believes One Netball is important in Tasmania to get clubs to think about inclusiveness and diversity.

“It is really important that we get the One Netball message out there because I think people don’t realise some policies in our clubs can make people feel excluded.”

As Tasmania’s only One Netball Ambassador, I feel it is my role to start the conversation around inclusiveness. It’s important to allow people to be included. Even changing simple things such as uniform policies.”

Casey’s favourite moment was when she worked with the Special Olympics last year.

“It was amazing. Netball has never had any involvement with them before. We had a huge turnout and it was great. It was a pinnacle moment for me,” she said.

Casey said One Netball also extends into her personal life, as she currently studies early childhood teaching.

“It’s my passion to work with young people of all abilities. I can see lots of the policies and workshops in One Netball also apply in the school environment.”

Her advice for netball clubs is to have a social media platform and advertising that promotes their inclusiveness.

“Advertising that you are inclusive, such as you accept people from other backgrounds or you’ve got the facilities for wheelchairs is important.

Making your presence known gets people to you and ultimately gets them playing netball.”