Booklet: How we're creating a safe, fair & inclusive sporting culture

Play By The Rules have created a booklet with information on how to create a safe, fair and inclusive sporting culture. Sport and recreation should be a place where you enjoy yourself, develop friendships, feel safe and have fun. It’s not a place where you should be subjected to discrimination, harassment or abuse.

It is essential for sport and recreation organisations at every level to have effective risk management strategies in place to deal with inappropriate and unlawful behaviour, and effective procedures for managing complaints, so that a positive, welcoming and safe environment can be promoted and maintained.

We all have a role to play to make sure that this happens, particularly where children are involved.

This is why Play by the Rules is such an important initiative. Sure, it provides information, resources, online training and promotional campaigns, but it is so much more than this . . .

It is an ethos or a way of thinking – that everyone involved in sport should be able to do so in an enjoyable, safe environment, free from discrimination, harassment or bullying.